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This is motivation

Tags: reasons to be cheerful, year of the kraken
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Hiya dude, the reviews were really cool! Its so amazing to see them up there. I get excited just seeing my labels on display (and hey are the worst things about your perfume), so god knows how you must feel seeing your perfumes up there getting praise!

So happy for you :)
Oh man, I hope you didn't think I was knocking your design! The labels are awesome! I actually had a customer contact me just to say how much she loved the butterfly design. I just want to be able to print the names instead of handwriting them so the overall look is more polished.
Don't worry I know what you meant :) I think we should probably have a think about how we can better present your work though. Getting you a printer is probably a good start.

I'm happy to make some pre-typed labels for your most popular items in the short term though.

We should have a chat some time and maybe flesh out an angle you want to take.
Yeah, I really do need a printer...if we have space for one anyway...Would definitely be cool to have a chat next time you're about. My artistic skills are really not in this area, so I'm working on trial and error presentation-wise!
I think lighting is your big problem with regard to your photos, We could try to make you a light box to solve that though.

Another option is to make a list of your perfumes in order of popularity and I'll work through them making graphics. This will obviously take a little bit of time however.