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Here's how you did: shit

I had an email over the weekend from an editor at Static Movement (not to me personally, just a generic "everyone in my address book" email) begging for stories for SM anthologies. She went on about how we all had to pull together and make SM the major publication source for our work and how we should dust off our trunk stories and help fill all these waiting anthologies, etc... I deleted it, then I thought about it and sent a really long reply explaining why I no longer wrote/edited for SM and what problems I saw there now.

(Many of my issues can be summed up as "I don't want to share anthology space with this man.")

I really liked SM when I first found it, but I feel like if you have to go begging writers you haven't heard from in over a year for their trunk stories, you need to re-evaluate what you're doing and if you should still be doing it. There are way too many anthologies open, some of them have been open for years and are never going to be filled. A lot of the editors are not really editors, but enthusiastic writers who want an editing credit and they have no idea how to be an editor. Or a writer, in some cases. No actual editing is done for any story accepted, so you get real turds of stories alongside really polished, professional ones. Why would any decent writer submit to an exposure-only anthology if it was going to be full of crap? Because I promise it's the crap stories the readers will remember, not the good ones.

They only produce paperbacks, which are expensive, and only included authors seem to be buying them. I don't see much excuse in this day and age for not producing ebooks at an affordable price.

Anyway, I shan't reproduce my complaints here. Suffice to say, I'm not going to be submitting anymore work there.
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