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27 April 2015 @ 08:34 pm
I've got a few odds and ends that need re-homing, if anyone's interested? The list is below. It's first come, first served. I won't ask for money for the actual perfumes, but I would appreciate money for postage!

Wooden Stake - sandalwood, oakwood, nag champa, allspice, oud - about 4-5ml

Vampire's Bride - antique lace, calla lily, lilac blossom, copal, white musk, clove - about 4-5ml

Nosferatu - black musk, angel's trumpet, iris root, hyssop - about 4-5ml

Vampire's Kiss - clove, foxglove, black cherry, cardamom, dark musk, cocoa - about 4-5ml

Vampire Hunter - nargamotha, styrax, rum, acorn, caraway, hawthorn - about 4-5ml

Unbirthday Cake '15 - green tea, buttercream, almond, hazelnut, white chocolate - about 2ml

A Black Opium dupe - coffee, vanilla, pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, cedarwood, patchouli - about 4-5ml (I have no idea if this really is a match for Black Opium, but the girl I made it for really liked it).
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25 January 2014 @ 11:02 pm
My perfumes being talked about (favourably) alongside other perfumes made by people whose work I admire. Ungh, but look at my packaging and photos compared to theirs! I really need to invest in a printer so I don't have to handwrite my labels, and spend some time figuring out how to improve my photos. I do actually own a fairly decent digital camera...somewhere...maybe?
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So Mum and I were talking about New Year's Resolutions yesterday and I said I wasn't making any (and she said I should resolve to eat fewer eggs*), and then I realised I really, really should resolve to write. I can't even say "write more" because 2013 was the biggest wash-out for me writing-wise. Resolving to write more doesn't mean much if you're not writing anything you care about or want to share.

The problem is, I still don't know what I want to write. Nothing is really calling to me. I've been reading loads of urban fantasy recently, and it's all really repetitive and tropey and blah to me. I don't think I've fallen out of love with the genre, but I've definitely fallen out of love with the current style of the genre. I actually re-read the entire Merry Gentry series (except Divine Misdemeanors because I don't acknowledge that book's existence) over November and December and I bloody loved it. I mean, as a series it has numerous problems, but I just love how rich the world building started out and how magical it felt. I don't care what anyone says, Kiss of Shadows is a standout book and the best thing LKH ever produced. And then I started a few indie urban fantasy books I'd picked up and they pretty much all started with "hot magical girl walks into sexy nightclub; chaos ensues" and I just felt an overwhelming sense of ennui.

You can't create from ennui. You need to be in love to create, to really, truly create something magical and invigorating. I don't care how poncy and Bleeding Artiste that sounds; it's true for me. I can write. I can write stuff I don't really care about (see here and here) and write it well enough to get it published. But I can't make something alive and special unless I'm in love with it, like I was with Wild and Undertow. Those books were such hard fucking work and they may never see the light of day again, but I fucking love them to pieces and they were worth every second.

So I don't know how you get that back. I want to write more Ethan, forever, but I want to wait until I have the rights to Demonized back and then relaunch the series (only two years left!). I know the themes that fascinate me and get me excited but I haven't managed to find characters or plots to drive them with this year. I don't hate the witchy murder mystery UF thing I've been tinkering with recently, but it's not The Piece that's going to make me fall in love with writing again.

I'm torn between pushing myself to just write anything and get back in the habit, or waiting for lightning to strike. I know if I wait, I'll be waiting forever, because being creative requires a lot more effort than non-creative people seem to realise. But the idea of just slogging through some no-love project just for the sake of it makes me feel pretty exhausted. In the spirit of balls-to-the-wall Year of the Kraken, I think I do need to push. I just need to grab those themes I love and throw them at the wall until they stick.

*My mum doesn't understand macronutrients and it doesn't matter how many times I explain to her that your body needs fat for cell repair and protection, and that eating eggs three times a week isn't going to turn my heart into pulpy goo and kill me, she refuses to accept it.
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03 September 2013 @ 12:24 pm
I had an email over the weekend from an editor at Static Movement (not to me personally, just a generic "everyone in my address book" email) begging for stories for SM anthologies. She went on about how we all had to pull together and make SM the major publication source for our work and how we should dust off our trunk stories and help fill all these waiting anthologies, etc... I deleted it, then I thought about it and sent a really long reply explaining why I no longer wrote/edited for SM and what problems I saw there now.

(Many of my issues can be summed up as "I don't want to share anthology space with this man.")

I really liked SM when I first found it, but I feel like if you have to go begging writers you haven't heard from in over a year for their trunk stories, you need to re-evaluate what you're doing and if you should still be doing it. There are way too many anthologies open, some of them have been open for years and are never going to be filled. A lot of the editors are not really editors, but enthusiastic writers who want an editing credit and they have no idea how to be an editor. Or a writer, in some cases. No actual editing is done for any story accepted, so you get real turds of stories alongside really polished, professional ones. Why would any decent writer submit to an exposure-only anthology if it was going to be full of crap? Because I promise it's the crap stories the readers will remember, not the good ones.

They only produce paperbacks, which are expensive, and only included authors seem to be buying them. I don't see much excuse in this day and age for not producing ebooks at an affordable price.

Anyway, I shan't reproduce my complaints here. Suffice to say, I'm not going to be submitting anymore work there.
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13 June 2013 @ 09:19 am
I'm going to publish UNDERTOW at the end of June.

Anyone want to help me out by reading DEMONISED and an arc of  UNDERTOW and spreading the word? If you haven't got a copy of DEMONISED, I'll send you a PDF.